Eco Inspired - Eucalyptus Leaves

Plastic Free Wollongong

"Plastic Free Wollongong is an initiative to bring together the entire community to act on the issue of single-use plastic pollution. Our message is simple - say no to single-use plastics."

One w/ Earth

"One w/ Earth is a twig of @bushwalkthegong. Founder Jenae, realised that many people were intrigued with her personal journey combining nature with yoga as a technique to live in balance. Now we offer nature yoga experiences, focusing on meditation."

Oceans in Focus

"Educate. Inform. Inspire. Act. Creating global awareness and local action to produce positive change for our oceans."

Eco Inspired - Eucalyptus Leaves

Ocean Plastic Patrol

Kids take on Plastic pollution! Once a week along Wollongong's coastline school kids meet at their local beach prior to school to pick up rubbish, particularly plastic, before it reaches the ocean.

Fair Food Forager

Creators of an app that shares with consumers those business within the food industry that are following all elements of sustainable practices.