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From The Start

I’m Kristy – a mum of two gorgeous & inspiring young boys who are full of love and life, a wife to my very supportive husband, a Marketing & Communications Manager in a great company, rookie coach of my eldest son’s soccer team, participant in any sport I have an opportunity to get involved in and living a very busy life!

So where does this website come in? How did I become ‘Eco Inspired’?

In January 2018 my eyes were opened, like many others, when I sat down with my children and watched Blue Planet II. My blog ‘Out of the Blue – How I became ‘Eco Inspired’ has more details, but in a nutshell it was so powerful that it initiated my sustainable journey.

Everyone has a different starting point, but mine involved looking at plastic-free product alternatives (participating in Plastic Free July was helpful) and expanding my research further from there.

Along the way I have posted a LOT of sustainable messages on Facebook and shared a LOT of the positive (and some negative) business and global eco movements that I’ve seen reported. I have attended some clean up events and read and read and read some more about sustainable, waste-free living.


There is so much information out there that it is overwhelming! I think that some people just try and shut out all this information about climate change, and plastic waste and sustainability because it all seems too much!

I get it. The whole time I was searching for different pieces of information I kept wishing there was a central place where most of this information lived and was surprised there wasn’t one. But there were, and are, some really useful websites and community groups that have helped me immensely along the way. Both as an information resource and as places to share experiences and keep the inspiration flowing.

Added to this a few of my friends started telling me how they had started making a few changes to the way they do things like using Keep Cups, buying metal straws and reusable produce bags after reading my posts. Another friend’s son needed to do an assignment on sustainability so she pointed him in the direction of my Facebook page for resources and information. Then another friend suggested I start a blog…

My Little Dream

The last suggestion sat with me for almost a year, niggling the back of my mind, but I felt I was too busy to do anything crazy like start writing a blog! Then at the start of this year a few books were brought to my attention, all within the space of a couple of weeks, that were based around getting started on a business idea or a dream rather than waiting around for the right time because there’s never a ‘right’ time.

It was at that point that I felt ready to start my little dream that had transformed from a niggle into a full on need… and I realised it needed to be a little bigger than a blog.

So after some helpful feedback from friends, a fantastic designer bringing my vision to life, and my husband and brother helping (alot) with website technicalities – ‘Eco Inspired’ was born.

Firstly I want to emphasize – you aren’t alone on this journey! There are so many more people changing the way they do things to make our world well again. Each of us individually makes a difference and together we make a HUGE difference. You don’t have to do it perfectly or all at once, just start, one thing at a time!

Within this space I will be writing blogs on my experiences and journeys. I will be providing news and updates of eco progress I hear about. I will gradually be creating links and details about community groups and sustainable organisations in one central hub. I will be providing tips and ideas on how to start and continue to be more sustainable, or providing links to tried and tested ideas available online.

The ultimate purpose of ‘Eco Inspired’ is to share stories, provide ideas, connect you with sustainable networks and keep you informed about progress around the world. A hub of inspiration and information for you to refer to as you ‘Create Your Eco Journey’.

So let’s get started!

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